Trekking in Pakistan

“Northern part of Pakistan is the meeting point of three world’s mightiest and highest, as well as youngest mountain ranges, Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush. The Northern Area is paradise for the trekkers, here is the world’s greatest consternation of high peaks and glaciers, with the beauty, isolation and sheering immensity like nothing also on the earth. This magnificent land contains galaxies of towering snow capped mountains, turbulent rivers, gigantic creeping glaciers, lush green alpine meadows, tumbling water falls, quiet lakes, blossoming fruit orchards, hot and cold springs, spectacular scenic beauty has made it a popular tourist resort and paradise for trekkers . Some of the important glaciers are Baltoro, Batura, Biafo, Hispar and Biafo- Hispar glacial corridor of 117 km is the longest on the outside the poles. There are more than 20 passes and 76 narrow valleys in the Northern Areas. The land of Northern Ares is best described a “MOUNTAIN DESERT AND PARADISE FOR ADVENTURE LOVERS”. The wilderness of ice and rock has drawn a lot of trekkers and climbers to this region and your experience a wilderness of heart aching beauty that encompasses the extremes of climate and terrain. There are many places, which are still not much explore like the area beyond the Shimshal, in the area of Misghar Village and west of Karamber River in Hindu-Kush.

“North Pakistan Adventure” propose you several programs of trekking in the region of Karakoram, Himalayas, Hindu-Kus and the Pamir which suitable for people of all the ages and level of fitness. Our trips incorporate about everything and are designated to suit every budget and interest. We strive to keep our prices low and co-operative while maintaining the standard of quality services. We also provide you partial services such as arranging trekking permit from the Tourism Department (GBC, Gilgit-Baltistan Council) for restricted areas, providing service of guide and cook, arranging camping/trekking gears and kitchen appliance, transportation, hotel reservations according to your requirement.

The Government of Pakistan has designated three zones for the trekking in Pakistan Open, Restricted and Closed zones. The foreigners may trek and walk anywhere in open zone without trekking permit from Tourism Department and without guide. For the restricted zone they need the trekking permit from the Tourism Department in Islamabad (GBC, Gilgit-Baltistan Council) and can be obtained through any local tour operator, have to pay the fee, which is 50 US dollar per person, with government formalities, briefing and on return de-briefing at the Tourism Department in Skardu or Alpine Club in Islamabad. No trekking and walking is allowed in the closed zone, which are areas near the Pak-Afghanistan border and near the line of control with Indian-held Kashmir.


Skardu-Baltistan Region

Baltoro– Concordia/K2 BCBaltoro–K2
BC/GondogoroLaGondogoro Pass–Masherbrum BCHushe–Masherbrum BCBiafo-Hisper LaShigar –Thale La
Deoasi–Burji La
Arandu-Spantik Base Camp
Biafo Snow Lake Trek
Muchulu Pass Trek

Hunza-Nagar Region

Hunza- Passu Batura TrekHunza-Borite-Padundas TrekHunza Shimshal- Pamir TrekHunza Shimshal–ChupchungolHunza Shimshal-Lupgar BCHunza Kilik and Mintika Trek
Nagar- Minapin Rakaposhi Trek
Nagar- Rush Lake Trek
Nagar- Golden Peak BC
Nagar-Suymmar Pass Trek

Nanga Parbat Area

Fairy Meadow-Nanaga ParbatFairy-Meadow-
Julipur PeaksRupal Nanga Parbat BCAround
Nanga Parbat TrekNanga Parbat Mazano Pass

Chitral Area

Tirchmir Base Camp Trek
Shahjinali Pass Trek
Chillinj Pass to Chupursan
Kalash Valley Trek
Karambar Pass Trek


Nalter–Ishkomen Trek
Dorkot Pass Trek
Pakor Pass Trek
Diater Pass Trek

Gilgit-Haramosh Area

Bagrot- Haramosh
Haramosh Pass Trek


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