Ski is not very common in Pakistan now getting popular in the mountains of Karakorum . Normally there are three places where ski stations have been set up and people are doing in winter and slopes are fully developed in these locations. The management is by the army or Air Force normally in these places. There are plenty of places in the Northern Areas like in Astor Valley , Burzil Ratu where army people are doing. These three places are very common in Pakistan .


MALAM JABBA in Swat Valley :

This is located in the Swat Valley and 50 km from it main town of Saidu-Sharif that is 315 km from Islamabad (capital of the country), and 6 hrs drive by road. The altitude of the station is around 2900M and ski area is around 3100M, has an ascent of 200M, there is chair left to go up, slope is around 800M in length.  This is for basic ski not much interesting of ski for Europeans but Pakistanis it is more interesting place.

Of course it depends over the snow fall, normally there is snow in December and its season is December- January. The access is easy from Islamabad around 6 hrs drives but for the foreigners there is necessary to have the NOC (No Objection Certificate) for travel to Swat Valley that can be obtain from the Government authorities from Islamabad or Peshawar .



It is around 2hrs drive from Islamabad , you may also excess from Abbottabad too and altitude is 2550M and length of slope is 650M. There is also chair left and ski place is about 200M from station.


Naltar is located in the Northern Areas of Gilgit in the Karakorum Range, is one of the oldest ski resort of Pakistan at the altitude of 3100M with ski left. It is 40km from main Gilgit town and jeep-able road leads there through Nomal Village . The length of ski slopes is 400M and 600M. This ski station is under the PAF (Pakistan Air Force) and necessary to have the permission from them.


From Islamabad the access is via Karakorum Highway (KKH) that normally opens during the winter and also by air one hour flight but all the flights to Gilgit are subjected to weather condition. In winter the flights operate rarely due to weather condition.



There are many possibilities to do ski in various regions of Northern Areas but there is no lefts and pists may have to climb up or trek up then you may do ski. There is mountain wildness in these areas.


This area is located in Chilas in the Northern Areas of Pakistan close to the Nanga Parbat . There is no lefts, have to do trek up then ski down. This is connected with Karakorum Highway and from KKH jeep road leads to the Tato or Jehal 2700M then 3hrs trek to Fairy Meadow 3300M, next day trek 2-3 hrs to Beyal Camp 3500, are huts here for overnight where you trek up and can do ski. It depends over the snow fall normally after mid of December to March.



Day-01: Arrival Islamabad


Day-02: Islamabad to Chilas


Day-03: Chilas Fairy Meadows


Day-04: Trek to Biyal


Day-05: Ski




Day-07: Ski


Day-08: Trek to then drive to Chilas

Day-09: Islamabad

Day-10: Islamabad

Day-11: Departure



Shimshal Valley is in the extreme north of Hunza Valley which is one of the remotest valley of Hunza borders with China . There is jeep road 53 km from KKH at Passu, through the narrow gorge along the Shimshal River . The main Shimshal village is at the elevation of 3100M in Karakorum Range . To the north and north east of Shimshal lies Chinese Turkistan, to the south east Baltistan, to the south Nagar and to the west Gojal /Hunza. The population of Shimshal is approximately 1400 of Wakhi speaking. This remotest village of Hunza has become accessible by jeep able road in October 2003. The area is well known for its tradition and culture, can visit to local traditional houses and mix up with local population.

There are many possibilities to ski in this valley in different areas, depending over the snow fall, it is long valley of the Pamir and near the lake there is small peak 6050M, snow Peak even you can do ski from the top of this peak in summer. There are much natural slops here in different valleys. You may do here late December to April.


Day-01: Arrival to Islamabad

Day-02: Chilas

Day-03: Karimabad

Day-04: Day free

Day-05: Shimshal

Day-06: Trek Zardgarben

Day-07: Trek to Shopden

Day-08: Ski

Day-09: Ski

Day-10: Ski

Day-11: Trek to Shimshal village

Day-12: Drive to Karimabad

Day-13: Drive to Besham

Day-14: Islamabad

Day-15: Departure



Deosai, a vast high altitude plateau south and west of Skardu, bordered with Indian Kashmir and altitude is 4000M around. It is snow covered most of the year and are different slops here where you will go up by trekking or hiking then you may do ski. It is snow season is after mid of December to beginning of March. This uninhabited alpine grassland has numerous clear streams with unusual snow trout. There is also big lake there. A jeep road leads to this plateau from Skardu. Skardu is connecting to Islamabad by flight and by road. By road two days travel in the middle you may have night in the hotel.


Day-01: Arrival to Islamabad

Day-02: Fly to Skardu or drive to Chilas

Day-03: Day free or Skardu from Chilas

Day-04: Jeep drive to Deoasi Plateau/tent

Day-05: Ski

Day-06: Ski

Day-07: Ski

Day-08: Ski

Day-09: Drive back to Skardu

Day-10: Day free

Day-11: Fly to Islamabad or drive to Chilas

Day-12: Islamabad

Day-13: Departure


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